We are thrilled to announce that Julie from fys:jo will be taking bookings in Toronto, March 2nd-4th 2020.

Julie Hjelm Jacobsen is a certified Physical Therapist (1997) and a highly skilled Craniosacral Therapist (1999). Her hands are extraordinarily precise, and her approach is holistic and often includes therapeutic conversation.

She specializes in baby treatments, pregnancy and birth related pain, manual treatments tailored to professional singers, stress relieving treatments, and rehabilitation after severe head and neck trauma.


Hi Canada!! I'm Julie, and I'm all about hands-on healing. Super excited to host The Toronto Treats, and I look forward to spend time in your beautiful country.


» Treatments take place at Laya Spa & Yoga, 986 Queen St W, Toronto

» One-hour treatment is 90$

» Please contact us for bookings

» Julie's treatment room is a LGBTQ+ safe zone 

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